An Introduction

Hello there, my name is Laryssa (La-re-sa). My passion is for cooking with fresh, simple, real food. The goal in my cooking is to find the best, quality ingredients available to me and transforming them into dishes that make them shine. My husband Daniel and I love living a healthy lifestyle by fueling our bodies each day with wholesome, nutritious meals. Food isn’t just an after thought for us. It’s very much a part of our life. Eating food, in fact, is what keeps us alive. And we think it’s wonderful that something so basic to survival can, at the same time, be so enjoyable!

Why I Started this Blog

I’ve always loved cooking. But there came a point at which my passion for cooking grew even stronger. I can’t say it all happened in a day, but I gradually started to discover what cooking is all about. It isn’t just about flipping through countless cookbooks and following someone else’s recipe to a tee. No, it’s much more than that and much bigger. What I realized was the incredible potential of cooking. It’s taking a combination of ingredients, using a handful of techniques, and then transforming those ingredients into something beautiful. There are thousands of ingredients to choose from and even MORE ways in which to combine those ingredients. When I saw cooking in this new light, I realized that the possibilities are endless!

This blog is a way for me to share with you, my readers, about my love for cooking with fresh, simple ingredients and is a journal of my discoveries and explorations in the kitchen, my favorite place to be. I’ll be sharing my own recipes, but don’t feel that you need to rigidly follow them (unless you really want to). Rather, my hope is that you’ll be inspired also to use the best ingredients available to you and transforming them into dishes that bring those ingredients to life.