Chocolate Chia Energy Bars

I finally got back into running now that it's warm again (goodbye cold, boring, can't-do-anything-but-be-inside winter)! It feels so good to get back into it and to be active and enjoying the outdoors. My favorite time to go for a run is in the early morning when the sun is just coming up. It's so … Continue reading Chocolate Chia Energy Bars

Mango, Banana & Coconut Muesli

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal. Growing up, my go-to in the mornings was cereal. And not just any cereal, but the sugar-overloaded, not-exactly-nutritionally-dense, junk food cereal. Cocoa Puffs, Marshmallow Mates, Fruit Loops you name it. This typical breakfast cereal was on the menu, not only for breakfast but often for a bedtime snack. … Continue reading Mango, Banana & Coconut Muesli